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Harlin Ltd is a specialist consultancy, founded by Dr John Lincoln, which can assist in leveraging the power of advanced technologies to expand and add value to your business.

Rising valueWhether your objective is to identify opportunities, compare the best technical solutions,  launch new products, or leverage grant funding and external expertise to expand your business, Harlin can help. We focus on working with small and medium sized companies, from established organisations to start-ups as well as public bodies looking to understand the impact of photonics and how to foster this increasingly important industry.

We offer a full range of services including identification and quantification of market opportunities, strategy development, impact studies, due diligence studies, grant guidance and sourcing of advanced laser, optics photonics and optoelectronic solutions. Once your decision to enter a new market has been made Harlin can provide the marketing material and strategy to maximise visibility of your product. A number of reports and presentation authored, or with significant contributions from Harlin are available to download.

For high growth technology SMEs, Harlin will be running a series of workshops in Q1 2016 in conjunction with Oxfordshire Business Support, to enable Oxfordshire based SMEs to make best use of UK and European innovation and product development funding. For further info and to register interest enquiries@oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk

According to your project requirements Harlin works in collaboration with other independent consultants to provide broad geographic and market coverage.Harlin also maintains close working relationship with those supporting Photonics in the UK, Europe & USA including the Knowledge Transfer Network, and the Technology Strategy Board.

Dr Lincoln is chief executive of the Photonics Leadership Group, the voluntary leadership group for the photonics industry in the UK. Harlin also manages the day to day operation of SEPNET - the South of England Photonics Network

Latest news from Harlin Ltd

Recent public domain projects include:-

Manufacture of Photonics Components: A European Perspective. Published Feb. 2012

The Leverage Effect of Photonics Technologies: the European Perspective. Published May 2011

Building on an extensive track record of identifying market opportunities and bringing new products to a range of markets, Harlin Ltd has the depth and variety of experience to understand and adapt to your requirements

More detail on the business development and marketing services we provide can be found below.

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