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Company Background

Harlin Ltd was established in 2000 to provide marketing and business development consultancy services to technology based and creative organisations.

Following a period of dormancy, Harlin Ltd was relaunched by Dr John Lincoln in 2006 in recognition of the increased demand for out-sourced market evaluation and support services. Many businesses, especially those with technology orientated products, are experiencing rapidly varying market conditions and need to keep long-term committed costs to a minimum. This means the development and support of new business activities is well suited to out-sourcing.  At Harlin Ltd we enable clients to track market and quantify developments whilst dealying long term commitments until customer traction and new sales have been established.

Harlin Ltd aims to provide you with the information and tools required for you to take an informed decision about how, and if, to proceed with a new business activity. Once you move into a new market area, Harlin Ltd can also provide professional and customised marketing support services as an alternative to distracting internal resources.


Information on Harlin Ltd's client portfolio is confidential however references from previous clients are available on request.

People and Collaborators

Further information on Harlin Ltd's consultants and collaborators is avaliable on these additional pages.

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