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Nerac is a leading American research and advisory firm delivering custom assessments of product and technology development opportunities, competitive analysis, Intellectual Property strategies, compliance requirements, scientific review and problem-solving.

With over 120 analysts in diverse disciplines from medical equipment to consumer services, Nerac serves as a catalyst for new thinking in your organisation. Nerac analysts can give alternative, out-of-the-box views on technical and market questions, provide rapid access to knowledge outside your companies’ core competencies and help discover new applications. Clients benefit from a proven blend of technical understanding, appraisal of business impacts, investigation of intellectual property, comprehensive access to global publications and a worldwide network of thought-leaders and innovators.

Harlin provides access to Nerac advisory services in the UK.  By providing a local interface for Nerac services, UK companies can now leverage the power of Nerac analysts to help your organisation:-

In the age of the internet and universal data access, smart analysis by technically knowledgeable professionals can stop you organisation being paralysed by information overload.  Harlin and Nerac can reduce that vast amount of data on new technology to only the information that is relevant to your business today, enabling you to make rapid informed decisions that take your business forward.

Please contact us to see how Nerac can help your business and see www.nerac.com

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